iPhone UI Pic Kit (mock-up toolkit)

by Daniel Trembath, danielt @ room52.net

Here you can find a number of images to use when mocking-up your own iPhone applications.

Use these pictures and your own favourite pixel-perfect image editor to throw together designs before you build them proper.

The main images contains most of the common iPhone UI elements and the others are empty backgrounds to start your designs on. They're not perfect and there is some compression damage here and there, but they should be good enough for you to get your ideas down on paper

**Updated**: (Jul 2008) Thanks to Terry Schmidt in the USA who has split the image up into a Photoshop file with layers. Those of you blessed with a copy of Photoshop (unlike me) can can get the psd file here.

Main Toolkit Image

Sample Background worksheets

(click to enlarge)

These images have been modified from screenshots found around the web.
If you believe your copywrite has been infringed, please contact me at the email address below.
--Daniel Trembath, January 21st 2008 danielt @ room52.net